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helpin' out ms. youcis!

7/12/13 by SukiWukiDookie
Updated 7/12/13

on a whim I animated something for dear animatress emily youcis and she asked me to do another to use in her upcoming Game Grumps poarn, so I did! Here's a preview: 06e278960da1594366ed

Yes, the ass that has "Jon <3" is egoraptor's, and the other is Oney's if that wasn't obvious

Praise be to Alfred!!!!!!!!


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That's quite good! I'm sure you will not find Ms. Youcis ungrateful ;)

7/13/13 (Updated 7/13/13) SukiWukiDookie responds:

thank you! She has in fact been very grateful and happy to have my contribution, so you are correct! And I am also grateful to be a part of the Alfred history in some way, it's all good!!