Weird dream.

2012-11-15 14:25:39 by SukiWukiDookie

I was in a hospital. With a friend. They were taking me to see a corpse, to identify it or learn from it or something. I can't remember. But the doctor was leading us to it, seemed like the doctor was very young. He was leading us to the autopsy room, to study the body I think. The doors opened a little and I saw part of the corpse, which for a split second I witnessed rotting blackness of a decayed body, the foot I think. I was so disgusted by the sudden realization of what I was about to see that I could not look, even in my dream. So with that, I think I changed what the corpse would look like right then and there. I had waited some minutes and gained the courage to go into the room to see the full corpse.
The doctor told us that it was the body of a little girl, no more than 9. He told us that a murderer had tied her up,
cut off her nose and stuck it up her ass.

And the girl died from the remains of her nose getting caught in her throat, choking to death. Don't ask how this was possible, apparently this is what I invented in my dream. But the amazing thing was, the corpse was perfectly clean. Like a wax copy. But it was real, just not what I had remembered seeing from the slightly opened door. So I was relieved. And I was amazed at the corpse. And wondered why someone would do this. She was still in that position they had found her in, on her stomach, her legs pulled up and bound with her wrists, her head upright, eyes open and looking upwards. She was of white skin color. Cold. And then for some reason, Pokemon was brought in to the situation. Apparently my friend had "caught" her, while she was there on the table, and was now battling other Pokemon with her. Which was apparently cool, the thought of using this corpse as a Pokemon. It was like he had caught a rare Pokemon. I don't know why. The rest, I can't remember. I'm amazed I remembered this much, though. I was watching television, and they showed a trailer for Sinister, which had come out earlier this year. It was a horror movie, and just like that, something clicked, and I suddenly remembered my dream. I had completely forgotten about it up until that point. And I know it's disturbing. Maybe it was the accumulation of that day. Too much, I guess.

Weird dream.


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2012-11-15 14:36:06

I had a dream of me and my friend in prison showers. He dropped the soap and got the treatment. I was laughing for some reason.
XP Too much?


2012-11-15 16:03:45

that's weird and kinda scary

SukiWukiDookie responds:

I'm still amazed at how real that disgust felt.


2012-11-15 16:35:06

At least it wasnt a guys dick shoved up his ass.

SukiWukiDookie responds:

I think you mean "her" ass. And yes, I am too. At least she became a pretty useful Pokemon. But that's still wrong, I guess.