New ALFRED ALFER merch, other news!

2016-01-22 11:42:54 by SukiWukiDookie

Hi! Thanks for following my art on here. Have fuckbook?? Follow me on there too if you like! I just made this art page so I'll be uploading all my stuff slowly. 

In bigger news, YOU TOO can now own Alfred Alfer merchandise courtesy of ME, through my Redbubble store!
That one's an original design made by me and approved by Emily Youcis! All proceeds from Alfred stuff will go to help the Alfred Alfer movie! There's already been one T-shirt purchase, so let's get this Alfred train a-movin'!!

There's also the CLASSIC ALFRED LOGO available, and other general junk/art of mine available for purchase. 

Anyway, uh.. that's it I guess. Oh, and I've got a whole new series of origami cats that's I'll be uploading here soon.

Is that it? Uhhhhhhh OH, I've really been enjoying Clarence lately. It's a cool show. :)

UHHHHHHHH WHAT ELSE WHAT ELSE.. I'M trying to make progress in music with my friend and our band. Like, dark industrial type stuff.

Also I gotta make some more animations for Emily. Like poarn loops and stuff. Gotta practice my poarn animations!!!

Annnndddd.. if anyone wants to collab or request a commission, I'm open!

And that's it, have a nice day, bye!!!



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Hi. :p