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Hey all, I'm helping @Psiodex do their second season of art, this time with the theme of classic horror flicks like Friday the 13th, Saw, etc., among general bloody, gory, violent, all around insane stuff! Should be around 6+ pieces in total. I'm a bit late putting up this promotion art for it, so sorry about that. It all starts August 2nd! 


I wanna try this voice acting stuff. This reel is pretty basic with common emotions/normal voice. Will do a cartoon version soon!

Any questions about my services, PM or write me at!

Also you can find me in the chat a lot.



Hi! Thanks for following my art on here. Have fuckbook?? Follow me on there too if you like! I just made this art page so I'll be uploading all my stuff slowly. 

In bigger news, YOU TOO can now own Alfred Alfer merchandise courtesy of ME, through my Redbubble store!
That one's an original design made by me and approved by Emily Youcis! All proceeds from Alfred stuff will go to help the Alfred Alfer movie! There's already been one T-shirt purchase, so let's get this Alfred train a-movin'!!

There's also the CLASSIC ALFRED LOGO available, and other general junk/art of mine available for purchase. 

Anyway, uh.. that's it I guess. Oh, and I've got a whole new series of origami cats that's I'll be uploading here soon.

Is that it? Uhhhhhhh OH, I've really been enjoying Clarence lately. It's a cool show. :)

UHHHHHHHH WHAT ELSE WHAT ELSE.. I'M trying to make progress in music with my friend and our band. Like, dark industrial type stuff.

Also I gotta make some more animations for Emily. Like poarn loops and stuff. Gotta practice my poarn animations!!!

Annnndddd.. if anyone wants to collab or request a commission, I'm open!

And that's it, have a nice day, bye!!!


Hola, I've upload 6 new hip-hoppin designs over at my redbubble store, including this wonderful meme-milking reference! Don't forget to take your DD* DAILY DOSEEEEEEEEEE LOLLLLL INSIDE JOKESSSSSSS 4 CHANNNNNNNNNNN LEWDDDDDD


It has been a priviledge and honor to help animate some inbetween frames for the new Alfred Alfer segment, so if you haven't already please take a long hard look at this installment of Alfred's fine feature-length film recently released!

AND NOW it's on youtube!

I'm making fursona commissions, follow my art on any of the links on my profile page.

I have designs for sale as t-shirts, etc. at my redbubble store:


2015-03-17 15:30:21 by SukiWukiDookie

Okay, so I've been making some free commissions of which I've just uploaded here to newgrounds.

Once this first test batch of free commissions is done, I'm going to officially set up some prices and variations and stuff available for purchase, like all professional-y. In the meantime, if you like my art and want to help a struggling artist brother out, you can send donations to my Paypal which I'll provide via PM on here, so just ask :)

If you want to follow my art or be my FRIenD may I suggest one of these:

well, i think i already have those on my profile page
eh, anyway

That's all, people i don't know!






A new electronic cover of the smash shoegaze sex-making hit "Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)"

right here


right meow, you NIN fans can download and use for karaokes n stuff

Please check out my new drawing if you like pencil shading and surreal abstract assfuckery!!!!!!!!